The virtual reality experience "Cosmos within us" by Tupac Martir presented in Lisbon from 3-5 November 2021

Cosmos Within Us by Tupac Martir (a_BAHN co-production) is a unique technological story-telling experiment which blurs the boundaries between VR and performance. Through a combination of state-of-the-art tech, immersive soundscapes, scent and touch, the piece explores the intricate connection between memory and the senses. This story draws us inside the mind of Aiken, a 60-year-old man desperately tryingto hold on to his childhood memories. Aiken suffers from Alzheimer’s - and his struggle is one against a dwindling mind, against time, against final loss.

This co-production won several awards, including Best Immersive Experience at the Raindance Film Festival and was officially selected for the Biennale 2019. Cosmos Within Us will be presented in Lisbon at the Champalimaud Foundation

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