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L'Ecole de la Chair

Director(s): Benoît Jacquot
Producer(s): SAMSA FILM
Orsans Productions (FR), Artémis Productions (BE)
Script: Benoît Jacquot, Jacques Fieschi after "L'Ecole de la Chair" from Yukio Mishima
Year: 1998
Form: FICTION - Feature film
Genre: Drama
Original version: french
Running time: 105'

The School of Flesh. Paris - today. Her and him, Dominique and Quentin. He's young, she's older. She lives, he gets along. World's apart and nothing in common - as always a single glance is enough to bind them forever. Quentin leaves, Dominique comes to her senses but she is already someone else.


Isabelle Huppert, Vincent Martinez, Vincent Lindon, Marthe Keller, François Berleand, Danielle Dubroux, Bernard Lecoq, Roxane MEsquida


DOP: Caroline Champetier
Sound: Jean-Claude Laureux, Brigitte Taillandier
Editor: Luc Barnier
Set decorations: Katia Wyszkop
Costume design: Corinne Jorry
Make up: Françoise Andrejka

Nominations & Awards

Sélection Officielle Cannes 1998 

International sales
L'Ecole de la Chair

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