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Support : AFS
Réalisateur(s) : Willy Perelsztejn
Les Films De La Mémoire (BE)
Scénario : Willy Perelsztejn
Année : 2018
Type : DOCUMENTARY - Feature film
Genre : Documentary
Version originale : German, French, English
Durée : 80'
Lire plus :

ASHCAN is a feature documentary theatrical fiction. ASHCAN tells the untold story of the secret prison where the main Nazi leaders were detained after the Allied victory on 8 May 1945. It was run by the US Army at Mondorfles-Bains in Luxembourg: 72 prisoners such as Göring, Dönitz, Keitel, Rosenberg, Ley, Frank, Streicher, Seyss-Inquart, Lutz von Krosigk, von Papen and others. It was the murky period between the end of the war and the Nuremberg Trials. The Allies had won the Second World War, but they knew almost nothing of the Nazi regime that had bathed Europe in fire and blood. The film immerses the audience in the heart of the Nazi Regime and its leaders, gathered in one place by the US military intelligence. Foregoing any use of force or torture, a handful of young American officers obtained extraordinary information about the conquered regime from some of the worst criminals against humanity. The film will unfold the information preserved secret to this day.


Richard Bessel, François Heisbourg, Lothar Jonck, Patrick Mandoux, Jean-Michel Sterkendries, Maximillien Jadin, Steve Karier, Martin Olbertz, Fred Frenay, Dennis Kozeluh, Ulrich Kuhlmann, Marco Lorenzini, Georg Luibl, Georg Marin, Thomas Wiβmann, Daron Yates, Anne Simon, ...

Équipe de tournage

André Mergenthaler (music), Carlo Thiel (image), Carlo Thoss (sound), Ewin Ryckaert, Claude Lahr (assistant director), Diane Perelsztejn (script doctor), Ewin Ryckaert (film editor)

Nominations et récompenses

- In competition at Festival International de Programmes audiovisuels (FIPA), Biarritz, 2018
- EPOS Israel 2018

Contacts vendeurs internationaux

Nowhere Land Productions

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