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Support : AFS
Réalisateur(s) : Henri Pardo
Producteur(s) : WADY FILMS
Yzanakio (CA)
Scénario : Henri Pardo
Année : 2023
Type : FICTION - Feature film
Genre : Drama
Version originale : French
Durée : 100'

In the mid-1970s, against his mother’s advice, Rico, a 6-year-old boy with a mischievous smile and an overflowing imagination, escapes from the family home to take part in the colorful carnival of Jacmel, on the south coast of Haiti. Renowned throughout the country, this popular gathering is an extraordinary outlet against the dictatorship that rages at the heart of these troubled years.
Intoxicated by the musical rhythms of Kanaval (Carnival in Creole) at its peak, Rico does not respond to the appeals of his uncle who tries to bring him home. Wandering among the many festival-goers, he meets the different characters who have shaped the history of the Haitian republic, whether they are human (former slaves, politicians, natives), or inhuman (Lwas and the other various characters of Haitian mythology). Intoxicated with memories of that evening, he returns home.
Unfortunately, another reality catches up with him. His mother Erzulie is arrested and interrogated in the family courtyard by the men of the militia in the service of the state. In fact, this young intellectual is suspected of being an influential member of a group of resistance fighters who clandestinely campaign for the establishment of democracy in Haiti. Before the militia men notice his presence, Rico is grabbed by his uncle Seradieu and flies into his arms, only to land in another reality.


Rayan Dieudonné, Penande Estime, Jean Jean, Martin Dubreuil, Claire Jacques, Hana Sofia Lopes, Tyler Eppasy, Rykko Bellemare, Sylvain Massé, Michele Bazile

Équipe de tournage

Sound editor : Michel Schillings
Sound engineer : Arnaud Mellet
Picture editor : Marc Recchia
Colour grading : Raoul Nadalet
VFX supervisor : Gil Pinheiro

Contacts vendeurs internationaux

WADY Films
Adolf El Assal
T +352 691 397 940


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