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The Mucklas...and how they came to Pettson and Findus (Die Mucklas)

Support : AFS
Réalisateur(s) : Ali Samadi Ahadi
Tradewind Pictures (DE), Little Dreams Entertainment (DE)
Scénario : Thomas Springer
Année : 2022
Type : FICTION - Feature film
Genre : Children
Version originale : German
Durée : 90'

The Mucklas, a small group of kobold alike creatures from the books and films Pettson and Findus, live unnoticed and unseen in the nostalgic and chaotic general store of the old shopkeeper Mister Hansson. After the sudden death of Mister Hansson, the cosmic disorder in which the Mucklas exist, is shattered. Three heroes, Svunja, Tjorben and his little brother Smartö, have to leave to find a new home where the Mucklas can live in chaos once more. The journey is covered with dangers of the outside world. The further away they are from home, the tidier and neater everything gets. But our heroes don´t give up on their hope to find the promised land for their fellow Mucklas.


Uwe Ochsenknecht, ChrisTine Urspruch, André Jung, Stefan Kurt, Marianne Sägebrecht Patrick Hastert, Anouk Wagener, Marco Lorenzini, Eduard-Stefan Constantin

Contacts vendeurs internationaux

Wild Bunch International
Eva Diederix
T +33 6 10 45 29 37

The Mucklas...and how they came to Pettson and Findus (Die Mucklas)

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