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Deep in the Bowl (Le fond du bocal)

Support : AFS
Director(s): Julien Renault, Ghayth Chegaar
Tencent Video (CN)
Script: Nicolas Poupon, Cyril Bosmman, Boris "El Diablo" Dolivet, Ciaran Murtagh & Andrew Barnett Jones, Alex Collier, Howard Read, Denise Cassar, Jen Upton & Sarah Darling, Rong Rong
Year: 2023
Form: ANIMATION - Series
Genre: Comedy
Original version: English, Chinese, Luxembourgish
Running time: 52 x 5'

Spending your life in a bowl, can really drive you crazy. DEEP IN THE BOWL depicts with humour aquariums of fish trying to decode humans and their strange habits. Come and discover a bunch of fish living great adventures in small aquariums.


Head of writing : Ciaran Murtagh and Andrew Barnett-Jones / Scriptwriters : Ciaran Murtagh & Andrew Barnett-Jones, Cyril Bossmann, Denise Cassar, Alex Collier, ELDIABLO, Nicolas Poupon, Howard Read, Jen Upton & Sarah Darling

International sales

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ZEILT Productions
Laurent Witz
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Deep in the Bowl (Le fond du bocal)

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