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D’Filmakademie is the Luxembourgish professional honorary organisation in motion picture. The academy works to promote Luxembourg’s film industry, both by improving its diffusion and popularity and by working as the consultative body of all the representatives involved in filmmaking. One of its tasks is to organize the vote of the Lëtzebuerger Filmpräis and nominate the laureates. The academy is open to all professionals of Luxembourgish film industry. Founded on the 12th December 2012, the academy is now composed of nearly 430 members, all motion picture professionals working in Luxembourg.

In its board of directors, the academy is gathering all the professional organizations of the Grand Duchy: LARS (Association of Luxembourgish Directors and Screenwriters), ALTA (Association of Luxembourgish Technicians),, ULPA (Association of Luxembourgish Producers), FMAIV (Federation of Animation and Virtual Imagery Professionals) as well as the Film Fund Luxembourg and the National Center for Audiovisual (CNA). Director Yann Tonnar has been appointment President of the Luxembourgish Academy since May 2019, with Jeannot Sanavia as Secretary and Carlo Thiel as Treasurer.

D’Filmakademie is a member of “FAN of Europe” (Films Academies Network of Europe).