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Support : AFS
Director(s): Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo, Lucia Valverde, Julie Schroell, Rae Lyn Lee, Eileen Byrne, Andrès Jarach, Bérénice Meinsohn, Alexandre Radicchi, Mathieu Rougé
Producer(s): a_BAHN
Bachibouzouk (FR), Dancing Dog (BE)
Script: Karine Chaunac, Camille Duvelleroy
Year: 2021
Form: DOCUMENTARY - Series
Genre: Transmedia TV/Web/Mobile
Original version: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese
Running time: 10 x 10'

Ten inspiring stories of professional athletes facing discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation and disability. A podium without filter and without hierarchy, in ten episodes, giving a voice to those who claim their right to be ranked Ex Aequo!


Isadora Cerullo, Jesús Tomillero, Nantenin Keita, Sandra Forgues, Namibia Flores Rodriguez, Kayane, Yip Pin Xiu, Yves Kabwe, Léa Bayekula, Mickaël Mawem


Editing: Pia Dumont (episodes: Isadora Cerullo, Jesus Tomillero, Kayane, Namibia Flores, Yves Kabwé and the City Pirates), Marc Recchia (episodes: Sandra Forgues, Nantenin Keïta, Léa Bayekula), Jean-Luc Simon (episodes: Yip Pin Xiu, Mickael Mawem)
Executive producer: Stephan Roelants
Production director: Fabien Renelli
Studio director: David Feraille
Technical, pipeline and network manager: Romuald Verdier
Animation supervisor: Nicolas Debray
Setting up the scenes and pre-composition: Samuel Brasseur
Color grading: Dominique Zeltzer Russell

Nominations & Awards

Nominations :
- Lëtzebuerger Filmpräis (LU) 2021 : Best Fiction or Documentary - TV and New Media Production
- Rio WebFest (BR) 2021 : Best Documentary, Best Directing, Best Diversity Series, Best Visual Effects

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