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Generation what? (Génération Quoi?)

Director(s): Julie Schroell
Producer(s): a_BAHN
Yami2 (FR), Upian (FR), France Télévisinos (FR), RTBF (BE), S4C (UK)
Script: Stéphane Hueber-Blies, Marion Guth, Nicolas Blies
Year: 2016
Genre: Transmedia
Original version: French
Running time: 4 x 45' featuring-documentary & Webexperience

Generation What? is a European transmedia campaign which consists in an online survey aimed at young adults of several countries and a television documentary series about their generation. Starting in April 2016, European broadcasters will appeal to the young adults of their respective countries, through a bi-media campaign spread out over 6 months called “Generation What". This campaign, adapted from a format broadcast in Fall 2013 on France 2 (see Génération Quoi?), met with resounding success.
This is the most highly educated generation that Europe has ever known. This is the generation that is currently attempting to build a new model for society, yet it’s the most marginalized and impoverished generation since the end of WWII. This generation is finally going to be taken seriously.


Sound Engineer: Arnaud Mellet
Production Manager: Djima Gana
Production assistant: Frederic Fischer
Editor: Julie Schroell, Frederic Fischer

Contacts producers

Marion Guth

Generation what? (Génération Quoi?)

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