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La Misère

Director(s): Thierry Guitard, Philip Krieps
Producer(s): RED LION
CG Lux (LU)
Script: Miriana Mislov
Year: 2015
Form: ANIMATION - Short film
Original version: French
Running time: 12'30

Fate hounds against Marcus, a worker who dreams of becoming a writer: his girlfriend Alice leaves him, his boss dismisses him and he’s evicted from his apartment. He takes refuge in the heart of the forest, where he will discover the source of all his problems.


Voices: Eugénie Anselin, François Baldassare, Serge Wolf, Melyssa Michel, Marie-Anne Lorgé


Animation Supervisor : Benigno Perez Carasco
Storyboard Supervisor : Thierry Guitard, Philip Krieps
Layout Supervisor : Cédric Malisz
Background Supervisor : Michel Pisson
Ink & Paint Supervisor : Randy Agostini
Lead Lighting : Vivi Vo Le
Compositing Supervisor : Isabelle Da Silva
Rendering Supervisor : Raphael Thill
SFX Supervisor : Benigno Perez Carasco

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La Misère

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