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Le chagrin des ogresses

Director(s): Myriam Muller
Producer(s): BAC Cinema (LU)
Script: Myriam Muller
Year: 2013
Form: FICTION - Short film
Genre: Drama
Original version: french
Running time: 28'

Marion visits her daughter Céline to the hospital who is suffering from an incurable brain tumor. They have not seen each other for a long time. Paul, the father, is at Céline's bedside. He is the one taking care of the child.
During a short absence of Paul, Marion will walk her daughter around the hospital. This evasion will drive them until the end of the day


Sabine Timoteo (Marion)

Elise Bonillo (Céline)

Jules Werner (Paul)


Music: André Dziezuk
DOP: Carlo Thiel
Editor: Félix Sorger
Casting: Nilton Martins
Production Design: Audrey Hernu
Set Decoration: Victor Duchamp
Costume Designer: Caroline Koener
Make Up Designer: Joël Seiller
Sound Mixer: Marc Thill

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