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Director(s): Eric Rochant
Producer(s): SAMSA FILM
Récifilms & Axel Films (FR), Les Productions du Trésor (FR), Europacorp (FR), JD Prod (FR), France3 Cinéma (FR), Artémis Productions (BE), RTBF (BE)
Script: Eric Rochant
Year: 2013
Form: FICTION - Feature film
Genre: Action
Original version: French, English, Russian
Running time: 103'
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In Monaco, the FSB (ex KGB) is tracking Yves Beres, a powerful oligarch who’s suspected of laundering money through his bank. Moïse, an experienced spy, instructs his team to coerce a young trader into spying on his boss. Alice, the bright young trader, sees the opportunity to make a profit and is eager to play both sides. Afraid that she might blow the whole operation, Moïse decides to do the one thing he should never do: make direct contact with his source. An innocent introduction soon turns into a full-blown love affair, destined to change their careers in a way they would have never imagined.


Jean Dujardin
Cécile de France
Tim Roth
Emilie Dequenne
Vicky Krieps
 Nilton Martins
Dean Constantin
Hervé Sogne
Anouk Wagener
 Jules Werner


Location manager : Patrick Blocman
Make-up artist : Katja Reinert
Gaffer : Gilbert Degrand
Dop: Pierre Novion
Editor: Pascal Fenouillet
Production designer: Philippe Chiffre
Music Composer: Jonathan Morali
Art Director: Cécile Sarfati
Executive producer : Brigitte Kerger-Santos

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