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Oto's Planet

Director(s): Gwenael François
Producer(s): SKILL LAB
Dpt. (CA)
Script: Gwenael François
Year: 2024
Form: VR/XR - WORK / Animation
Genre: Cosmic Tale
Original version: French
Running time: 20'

The one thing Oto loves more than anything is lounging in his hammock while munching on the fruits of the only tree growing on his tiny world, in the company of his pet called Skippy. His peace and calm will soon be disrupted by the crashing of a small spaceship from which emerges Exo, a hyperactive and cumbersome cosmonaut. Communication and cohabitation between the two newroommates will soon turn out to be difficult or even impossible.

Contacts producers

Skill Lab
Julien Becker

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