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Director(s): Antoine Cuypers
Producer(s): SAMSA FILM
Wrong Men (BE), CTM Pictures (NL)
Script: Antoine Cuypers, Antoine Wauters
Year: 2016
Form: FICTION - Feature film
Genre: Drama
Original version: French
Running time: 105'
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During a family meal, Cedric, 32, learns that his sister is expecting a baby. While the news is met with sincere excitement by the whole family, for Cedric -- who still lives with his parents – it resonates strangely, mixed with a certain resentment. Cedric, whose simple dream – a trip to Austria – is subject to discussion, will turn his resentment into anger and then fury. During the family celebration, he will try to establish, in front of everyone, the prejudice that he says he is the victim of. Between denial and paranoia, revolt and false pretences, how far is a family willing to go to keep its equilibrium? When must it start to suppress the right to be different?


Nathalie Baye
Arno Hintjens
Thomas Blanchard
Ariane Labed
Eric Caravaca
Cathy Min Jung
Arthur Bols
Julien Baumgartner
Jean-François Wolff


Frédéric Noirhomme (Photography)
Quentin Colette, Nicolas Tran Trong, François Dumont, Michael Sauvage (Sound)
Patrick Deschène et Alain Pascal Housiaux (Design)
 Elif Uluengin (Montage), Ernst Rijseger & Francesco Pastacaldi (Music)

Nominations & Awards

- Festival Premeirs Plans Angers (FR) - Audience Award
- Opening film of Film Francophone de Namur, France

International sales

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