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White Fang (Croc Blanc)

Director(s): Alexandre Espigares
Superprod (FR), Big Beach (US)
Script: Dominique Montfery, Philippe Lioret, Serge Frydman following the novel by Jack London
Year: 2019
Form: ANIMATION - Feature film
Genre: Drama
Running time: 80'
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White Fang is the story of a proud and courageous wolfdog, fighting for his survival among the Canadian wilderness, the cities suddenly became wealthy during the gold rush in the Klondike 1890s. Born in the forest of a sled dog mother who fled their masters, White Fang will overcome challenges imposed not by the hostility of nature itself, but by his encounter with the men who shaped these austere regions. In the end, he managed to overcome both his animal instinct and cruelty that malicious men require from it. White Fang finally find peace in a loving family, and the wilderness that was once rejected.


Creative Directors: Stephane Gallard, Antoine Poulain

Nominations & Awards

- 40ième Festival International du Film d'Animation d'Annecy: PRIX FONDATION GAN A LA DIFFUSION
- Selected at Sundance Film Festival, 2018
- Selected at Toronto International Film Festival Kids, 2018

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White Fang (Croc Blanc)

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