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A Greyhound of a Girl

Support : AFS
Director(s): Enzo d'Alò
Aliante (IT), Jam Media (IE), GOAG Prod (UK), Rija Films (LV), Amrion (EE), Fish Blowing Bubble (DE)
Script: Enzo D'Alò & David Ingram. Based on the book A Greyhound of a Girl by Roddy Doyle.
Year: 2023
Form: ANIMATION - Feature film
Genre: Family
Original version: English
Running time: 87'

Mary is 11 years old and has an insuppressible passion for cooking: she dreams of becoming a great chef. Her grandmother Emer, with whom she has a very special relationship, encourages her to make this dream come true. But every path has its pesky obstacles, and facing them turns into quite an adventure. Mary thus begins a journey across the barriers of time, in which four generations of women come together and get to know each other truly and deeply.
A delicate coming-of-age story, sprinkled with irony.

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