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Blind At Heart (Die Mittagsfrau)

Director(s): Barbara Albert
Lucky Bird Picturs (DE), C-Films AG (CH)
Script: Meike Hauck & Barbara Albert, adapted from the novel by Julia Franck
Year: 2024
Form: FICTION - Feature film
Genre: Drama
Original version: German
Running time: 120'

Why does a woman abandon her little boy in a train station at the end of the war in 1945? Helene has Jewish origins and experience her transition to adulthood, as well as love, in Berlin during the war. The twists of fate and a marriage of convenience will gradually deprive her of her own identity. The film adaptation of Julia Franck’s bestseller.


Mala Emde, Max Von Der Groeben, Thomas Prenn, Fabienne Elaine Hollwege, Steve Karier, Max Thommes, Monique Reuter

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