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Sex, Desire and Data

Support : AFS
Director(s): Maude Huysmans, Samuel Greffe, Sandra Rodriguez, Annabelle Fiset
Producer(s): a_BAHN
PHI Studio (CA)
Script: Sandra Rodriguez, Maude Huysmans, Samuel Greffe, Anna Fiset, Laura Mannelli, Ianna Book, Lucas Larochelle
Year: 2023
Form: VR/XR - WORK / Fiction
Genre: Educational
Original version: French, English
Running time: 45'

Sex, Desire & Data is a sensory-rich interactive exploration that offers a unique perspective on the complex cartography shaping our sexualities and desires, which are too often binary, and where they border with digital technologies. This journey blurs the lines between physical and virtual, challenging visitors to leave their comfort zones and question the codes that inform their sexual identities. The relationships we have with others and with ourselves are often complex and constantly evolving, and they are never the same from one person to another. Throughout public spaces, eroticism is omnipresent, and artists adjust their approach according to the context, laws, and mores of our time.


Ianna Book
Lucas LaRochelle
Laura Mannelli

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