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Tally Ho!

Support : AFS
Director(s): Caroline Origer
Kapers Animation (UK), Fantabulous (FR), Frakas (BEL)
Script: David Freedman, Jules de Jongh
Year: 2024
Form: ANIMATION - Feature film
Genre: Family
Original version: English
Running time: 95'

Holly is a young and courageous hedgehog, but woefully sheltered by her overprotective Dad. Meanwhile Walter is an overworked and exhausted rabbit with a few dozen kids of his own, who just wants a change in his predictable routine. When this unlikely duo crashes into each other’s lives, things take a drastic turn. After a bump to the head Walter now believes that he is Sir Balderdash - The Great. A hero, a warrior, a legend . While Spike, who is just thrilled to be out of the house, gets swept up in Walter’s concussion fueled fantasy.


Matthew Goode, Kila Lord Cassidy, Jules de Jongh, Skye Bennet

International sales

Kapers Animation
Peter Rogers

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