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This is Luxembourg

Small country, safe values

Over the years the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has established itself as a sound hub for finance, logistics, automotive components, ICT, life sciences and clean technologies. Located in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg is the ideal gateway to the European market with over 500 million consumers. The country has one of the best locations in Europe with the continent’s three top industrialised countries as its neighbours i.e. Germany, France and Belgium. Thanks to this strategic location, 60% of the European Union’s GDP can be serviced in less than a day.


Audiovisual production 

Currently, some 750 individuals earn a living in the sector of audiovisual production in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg: Technicians, producers, directors, actors, production managers, creative and administrative staff are taking part in an ever growing number of short, documentary, feature and animation films being produced or coproduced on the country's national territory - actively supported by Film Fund Luxembourg.

Owing to an interesting support mechanism offered by the country's legislators via the Film Fund of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, both the feature and the animation sectors are thriving and have, in recent years, acquired credibility and recognition well beyond Luxembourg borders, as local producers, artists, technicians and animators are more and more solicited to bring their expertise to any number of international co-productions.